What Is IoT & Why Is It Useful?

IoT (Internet of Things) connects sensors and devices to the Internet.
The goal is to collect, store and analyze the gathered data to extract information to make better decisions and, ultimately, to take action. The outcome of this process should bring value to the customers in different ways: improve productivity and efficiency, reduce operating costs, enhance asset utilization and workplace safety, and improve customer service and experience, among others.

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Who Are We?

We are a group of expert engineers focused on IoT who worked on developing our own IoT Platform to solve customers’ business problems. Our vast experience is now available to help you with your IoT Challenges.

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What can we do for you?

  • IoT Use Cases identification
  • Prototyping and IoT PoC Design
  • Planning, implementing and maintaining your IoT Solution
  • Workshops & Training
Our Services

IoT Solutions

  • Wearable Gadgets
  • Back-end Infrastructure
  • Converting Analog to Digital
  • Industrial IoT Systems
  • Data Warehousing and Analytics
  • IoT Apps and Software
  • Embedded Software

  • Firmware Development
  • Middleware and Custom Drivers
  • Bluetooth Apps
  • Human Machine Interface Development
  • Smart Home Systems
  • Sensor Solutions
  • Hardware Design

    • Electronic Сircuit Design
    • PCB Simulations
    • Electronic System Design
    • PCB Layout Development
    • FPGA Design
    • Enclosure Design

    Web App Development

    • Payment Solutions
    • Intelligent Bot Apps
    • Digital Asset Management Systems
    • Portal Development
    • Social Networks
    • Enterprise Web Systems
    • AI/ML Apps Development

    Mobile Solutions

    • Enterprise Mobile Apps
    • Smart Devices & Wearables
    • Digital Image Processing
    • Multimedia Distribution
    • Uber-like Apps
    • Mobile Messengers
    • VoIP Apps Development
    • Social Networks

    Cloud Solutions

    • Cloud App Development
    • IoT Cloud Solutions
    • Cloud Infrastructure Optimization
    • Cloud Integration
    • Cloud Consulting
    • Cloud Deployment Service
    • Migration to Cloud
    • DevOps


    IoT Use Cases

    There is a wide variety of ways the IoT can add value to businesses and the world. Many applications of IoT technologies are being used in many different industries.

    • Smart Agriculture & Farming
    • Smart Water and Irrigation
    • Smart Buildings
    • Smart Offices
    • Smart Cities
    • Smart Parking
    • Assets Trackings
    • Industrial IoT
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    Industry Experience

    Oil & Gas

    We help automate multi-party communication, equipment monitoring, health and safety condition compliance, and leveraging data for making informed decisions.


    We develop diagnostic devices and software, remote patient monitoring solutions, AI-based medical imaging solutions, and data acquisition and management systems compliant with industry-specific standards and regulations.

    Consumer Electronics

    We help employ sensors and algorithms to build devices and apps for tracking performance, pet activity, data visualization, and analysis.


    We tap hardware, firmware, embedded, and ML know-how to build HMI/multimedia units, advanced driver assistance systems, and object recognition software.

    Data Storage

    We understand how to incorporate flash into SSD to make more intelligent and fast-performing storage solutions.

    Industrial Manufacturing

    We implement solutions for remote control of technical processes, equipment monitoring, motion control, production line automation, M2M, and service process automation.